HubSpot for Incubators/ VC’s/ Accelerators

Receive a 90% discount on HubSpot for your portfolio companies in the first year!

HubSpot provides discounts and resources for startups. You can apply at no cost and start your companies off right with one of the best in class solutions for CRM and Marketing.

Let’s face it, finding the right software for your portfolio can be hard. Especially, when you are trying to grow at hyper-speed and keep the budget low. HubSpot CRM offers all the great features you need to grow your companies. Here are just a list of the free features:

Streamline your leads

Are your companies working in a spreadsheet? Easily transfer all your data to a CRM and get real time data on your leads. Easily filter lists and visibly see your contacts in one place.

Log activities and create tasks

Easily manage tasks associated with your contacts or prospective companies. Create reminders that send you emails to get things done. Never drop the ball again when it comes an appointment or phone call.

Track Emails

HubSpot connects directly with Office365 and Gmail out-of-the-box. All emails can be tracked and logged automatically. Get notifications when your messages are read.

Manage Opportunities/Deals

Start seeing the progression of your deals. Drag and drop opportunities to the right stage.

Connect Apps

HubSpot can connect with 100’s of apps. Eventbrite, Zapier, MailChimp, Slack, Shopify, GoTo Webinar, Zoom, Pandadocs, HelloSign, and many many more; including Salesforce!